Vision, Values, Story

Our Vision

Our vision is to generate long-term wealth for shareholders and empower future generations by applying our diversified approach to growth while maintaining our core values at all times.

Our Core Values

Trust & Empowerment
For all stakeholders, including employees, shareholders and contractors.
Direct, open, truthful, and positive, both internally and externally.
For our people, shareholders, communities, and environment.
Visionary Thinking/Innovation
Creative management, beyond our basic business strategy and goals, to create new and visionary opportunities for communities and all stakeholders; being courageous, passionate, and pioneering while embracing risk.
Striving for high quality and working with passion in everything we do; hard work and diligence towards this ideal.
Recognizing our responsibility to the environment, communities, safety, employees and employee relations. Focus on long-term ecological balance in all our operations.

Our Story

Operating in Nevada for over 30 years, Coral Gold Resources has established itself as an exceptionally well-managed and well-positioned gold exploration company. We recently sold, with royalties, a key property to the world’s largest gold producer. Three nearby and highly-prospective projects are under exploration in one of the world’s richest gold districts. Coral Gold is recognized as a leader with a visionary and tenacious approach to property acquisition and exploration while attracting top talent and major company interest. With over $20 million in cash and a very favourable share structure, the company is ideally poised to pursue its long-term vision for growth in North America.

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